Our First product: A Social Distance Supporting Device that reminds you, your employees and your customers to maintain healthy distance during epidemics and in highly privacy required situations in a respectful and friendly fashion. 
Our device works autonomously and can be use at any Counter, Hotel, Supermarket, Convenience store, etc.

Who we are – WailSalutem

We develop products, design systems under the brand name WailSalutem to support the society and our clients – Our ambition is to apply technology that supports health, privacy and respectful social values – all to inspire the people our brands care about most.

One of our first products is WailSalutem Social Distancing Device where we support our clients and customers in social distancing

Other products are coming soon….  




My Name is Wail Kherrazi, I’m the founder of WailSalutem

Salutem is the Latin name for health and showing respect,

WailSalutem is a technology company that strives for health, privacy and respectful social values.    

I’m young person (12 year) who is committed to peace, freedom, friendship and respect, who ‘sacrifices’ himself for others. My ambition is to be part of the youth who colors his or her environment and thus the world a little more beautifully.

With my company WailSalutem, I firmly believe in the ability to help our society with our simple yet smart solutions.  As an example, during corona crisis,  l want to keep people at a distance of 1.5 m in a simple and above all respectful way. Instead of asking people every time (at a counter or in a shop) to keep 5 feet (1.5 m) away, which usually comes across as personal and disrespectful, I thinks that using WailSalutem Social Supporting Device, we can avoid this negative aspect.

WailSalutem – Team

WailSalutem team is a eclectic team of like-minded, big-hearted and seriously motivated guys and girls who want to change the world, for good. Pushing the boundaries is what drives us. We love tech. More importantly, we love what we know it can do to make everyone’s life better. And it is that human touch, that desire to improve everything, that sets us all apart and gives us a real buzz.

The WailSalutem Team consists of: 

W. Kherrazi – CEO & Founder 

T. Vooijs – CTO

R. Kherrazi – CIO

R. de Boer – Operational Manager 

Website Design and Support  by K. Kherrazi 


Application cases of WailSalutem

✓ Facility management

✓ Manufacturing companies

✓ Construction sites

✓ Hospitals

✓ Care and nursing homes

✓ Garden centres

✓ Shops

✓ Supermarkets

✓ Public institutions

           ✓ busy shopping areas

           ✓  Festivals


Applicable everywhere

WailSalutem works both indoors and outdoors

Autonome and Easy to use

A small, handy wearable

 WailSalutem works autonome and there is no need to other devices,

Cost and investments

You don’t need to install an app. You don’t need to attach anything to the wall or ceiling, so there’s no infrastructure cost.

Privacy and GDPR

No privacy issues because nothing is saved on a server nor in an app, dashboard, database or anywhere else


  • ✓ Measurement accurate to 10 cm, thanks to the usage of smart design and reliable laser sensor technology 

    ✓ Vibration, sound and light signal

    ✓ Portable (bracelet / keycord)

    ✓ Compact and lightweight

    ✓ Splash proof

    ✓ Privacy-safe, GDPR compliant

    ✓ Battery 8-12 hours. Charging 2 hours

  • ✓ Made in Europe (Dutch design)

    ✓ Measurements angle : 30°

    ✓ Power supply via micro USB (specifications output: 5V-1A)

    ✓ Power supply is included (actual adapter may differ from the image)

    ✓ Works straight out of the box

    ✓ Possibility to adjust preferred distance and sound settings

How Does It Work 

  1. Switch on WailSalutem with the touch button, the green light on the device is on. 
  2. Attach your WailSalutem to the breast pocket of your shirt or jacket
  3. When your WailSalutem vibrates and emits red light and or sound signal, you increase the distance between you and the person on front of you. 
  4. When indicated by low battery indicator LED, charge your WailSalutem with the supplied USB cable 

WailSalutem is available. Orders can be done here

Please contact us if you need more than 100 pcs, we will help to provide discount. Meanwhile we offer OEM and Customized service if you need, so please don’t hesitate to contact for more information.